Finally! A dry building!

We run a large trampoline park in bolton at trinity retail park. The building has seen better days but we have done a great job getting the place looking cool and modern. We had a leak somewhere in our roof which kept leaking through causing damage to our walls, electircs, computers you name it. we had 3 roofing companies come out for ‘repairs’ all of which last days. We decided big work needed to be done. we went back to the 3 original roofers who quoted between £4000-£6000! By luck we came across AC Roofing. instantly we felt confident in his approach and knowledge of our roof. We asked what would the damage be expecting a quote around the same price as the other 3 companies but we were shocked to see the quote was cheaper by over half! The work took 1 day to do and we have not had a leak since. Jump Xtreme would recommend AC Roofing to all buisness owners or home owners who have fallen victim to cowboys! Thanks again AC Roofing

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